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David Edwards Custom Builder, Inc. is the builder to turn to when the highest building standards, attention to every detail and extremely personalized service are the qualities you seek in a custom builder. We possess all of these qualities and more, all important to the process of creating homes that their owners will proudly call their own. Our extraordinary staff, the experts in every field of construction, shares one particular characteristic in common ó the great love of homebuilding. This love drives us towards absolute perfection in every aspect of our homes. Nothing is overlooked, glossed over, or just simply ignored ó everything is important in our eyes.

At David Edwards Custom Builder, Inc. we feel, just as you, that the home should be a reflection of your lifestyle, personality and tastes. To bring this philosophy into our work, we make sure to include all the details that make an ordinary house into your special home. The kitchen cabinetry, bathroom trim, exterior paint and the myriad of other details that give a home its uniqueness are customized to your heartís desire. In addition, the aspects of the home that you donít normally see, such as the insulation, roof joists and foundation, are all chosen from the best in their respective categories, ensuring your home stays safe and comfortable for many satisfied years to come.

Starting from our earliest days of business, David Edwards Custom Builders, Inc. has been striving to create homes that meet the highest building standards as well as completely satisfy our clients. We are always on the lookout for the latest methods and materials in order to further enhance the quality of our homes and service. David Edwards Custom Builder, Inc. is here to help you realize your dream of the perfect home ó and we are looking forward to sharing in that dream.